Chapter 1: Tom Cruise

Badge you will earn this month: Tom Cruise Power Watch

Tom’s super power is the ability ability to remain dominant in every social situation, without exerting any effort. If you complete the tasks below, you will be given this super power.

Here is my simple 5 step strategy:

  1. Every month pick a new charisma master to follow
  2. Find a Youtube video explaining his tactics. Watch this video first thing every morning. Do not miss a single day!
  3. Write down the 3 characteristics that are most deadly. Look at your 3 characteristics 3 times a day.
  4. Write out how you failed to use this traits in your past life, and how you are going to incorporate these into your life. Be specific.
  5. At the end of each day, come up with 1 example where you used these traits, and 1 time you failed to.

Tom Cruise Analysis

  • Body Language
    • Command physical space around him. Takes up space. He touches people and objects to show that he belongs. You know that feeling when you are in an unfamiliar house or on a first date, and you feel awkward touching anything. He touches showing dominance and belonging..
    • Genuine smile. Relaxed jaw, with squinting eyes.
  • Hypnotising Communication
    • Uses people’s names often. It gets people to pay attention, it’s like a doorbell.
    • He pauses, but holds eye contact. Its hypnotising. It brings people back to the conversation
    • Leans in when talking to people. Bring peoples attention back to the conversation.
    • Uses downward reflections. Show confidence and importance.
  • Ultimate Confidence
    • He completely believes what he is saying.
    • The person with the most conviction wins.

Self Analysis

  • My body language is poor. I feel awkward in unfamiliar spots and hermit my body up. I do this on plans, in bosses offices, at parties. Now that I am aware, when I feel that uncomfortable feeling I will automatically open up my body and touch something. After that, I will naturally feel more belonging and confident. I will also practice smiling more.
  • My communication is very bad. Its monotone, and uninteresting. I don’t use peoples names. From now on I will use peoples names more, put more emphisis on my words, and hold eye contact no matter what.
  • I have never been confident and speak like a weakling, why would anyone trust in giving me responsiblity if I cant speak confidently? From now on I will make sure to sound like the most confident person in the room. Do the background work necessary to do this. Study your craft.


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