Easy Way to Improve Your Life

I think the information in this post is extremely important. Knowing this info can mean the difference between being rich and happy, or being broke and poor.

TL/DR: Take the Meyers Briggs test. Pursue a career in a field that is right for your personality. Profit $$$.

This is where parents and guidance consular should start when advising young people.

If you are already out of college, and no one told you these things, you should still learn them. Today.

So whats the secret? Knowing your personality type.


Test: I would start off with the Myers Briggs. The chart may be hard to see, but it gives you a combination of 4 letters.

Cost: Don’t buy anything, just by looking at the chart you should be able to determine your type. There may be some free quizzes if you search too.

Results: I am an INTJ. Introvert, Thinker, Intuitive, Judger.  Next, follow THIS LINK. This will help you determine the best career path for you. I wish this is something I looked at in high school. Below are my top 5 careers. Currently I am involved in financial and business analysis, which seems to fit my personality well. However it took me 5 years and 3 jobs to get here.  Knowing this from the start can get you into a better role faster, which will lead to more success. If you are struggling with your career, maybe this is why. It could also be the reason so many people hate their jobs.

Here is another good infographic. It also shows you which type of person you are compatible with. I think you should always determine a partners personality before dating them. I tend to be a little more scientific on dating then most though. We can talk about that in another post.


Test: The DISC. Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Compliance

Cost: My work paid for mine, 29 bucks, but there are free ones and more expensive ones. I would just start off with the free one.

Results: The test will give you a classical profile that you fall into. I am an ‘Objective Thinker’. Basically I like data and logic, and I avoid aggression. My strength is gathering the facts. My weakness is appearing shy and analysis-paralysis. I will put my info at the bottom, but you should go read yours instead of wasting time reading mine.

Why is this so important? 3 Reasons

  1. Leverage your strengths: Obtaining, Evaluating, and Testing information are mine. This means I need to be the data analysis guy at work. If someone needs data, or help understanding data I am the first person they should call. I can do this by continually over delivering to people and the word will quickly spread.
  2. Patch your weaknesses: I have trouble connecting with people, I am seen as shy. Also I have analysis-paralysis, making me slow at getting work done because I over-focus. So I need to be more outgoing. Reach out to people. Go to events. Be more charismatic. Talk to more people. I also need to make deadlines for projects and get it done.
  3. Know your colleagues: My bosses took the test as well and shared the results. By taking the time to understand them, I will be able to work better with them, and this should significantly improve my career.
    1. Bob: Bob is the top dog in my group. He is a ‘Developer’ pattern, which means he is very ‘D’ dominant. He has high standards, and is critical if you do not meet them. He is persistent, fast moving, and does not hesitate. He tends to control the room. I get along well with Bob since we have opposite personality profiles. I really like working for him, while most people may find it difficult. I often wish I was more like him. However that does not mean its easy or things are always great.
      1. Bob likes to win. It is important to challenge him. If you just roll over, he will not respect you. You should question him sometimes. Also ask good questions, he loves helping, but not for stupid questions. Yes there are stupid questions. If he asks you ‘What do you know’, you better tell him something.
      2. Bob is RESULTS oriented. Nothing else matter. Show him what you accomplished, and how the company can have better results. And nothing else will really matter
    2. Brian: Brian is second in command. He is a ‘Creative’ pattern. He portrays a lot of the dominant features of Bob, but he also has a strong ability to plan and design. So rather then just jumping in the drivers seat like Bob, he may think through the options or do a little more data analysis first. Rather then just judging on RESULTS, he judges on personal standards, good ideas, and accomplishing tasks. He is naturally critical and condescending, however he is one of the nicest guys I know, so he covers it up well.
      1. My take away is the Brian likes to keep moving forward. I need to keep up with him, and produce results. Don’t depend on him, because he doesn’t depend on anyone. He doesn’t want to hold your hand.
      2. If he asks you to do something, do it right. He will want to redo it if its not perfect.

In conclusion, these tests can significantly help your career.

  • Learn what you are good at, and LEVERAGE that.
  • Learn your weaknesses and CORRECT them.
  • Understand you colleagues, and IMPROVE your working relationships with them.


People with the Objective Thinker  DiSC Classic 2 focus on achieving complete and total accuracy in everything they do.  They continually question ideas and processes to ensure that things are done properly.   They are systematic, practical and efficient.

C’s make decisions based upon logical analysis of observable, quantifiable information, rather than being guided by the emotions of a situation.  They often prefer to work independently, yet they remain objective and diplomatic when dealing with others.  And generally those with a DiSC Classic 2 Objective Thinker pattern emphasize the importance of facts when drawing conclusions or when planning actions.  They are meticulous about advance planning so as to avoid public failure.

When working with others, they are somewhat reticent in expressing their feelings.  They dislike aggression, and have a strong need to control their environment.  They do this with facts, figures and accuracy.   They tend to get bogged down in analysis paralysis.

Observable Behaviors: Critical thinking, logical, exact, reserved
Motivated By Precision and accuracy and logic
Judges  Others By Logical thinking and factual information
Influences Others By Logic, facts and data
Value to the Team Fact gathering and testing information
Overuses Tends to over analyze – analysis paralysis
When Stressed Tends to fret and worry
Fears Criticism and losing control of emotions
View sample:  DiSC Classic 2Order your Personalized:  DiSC Classic 2

DiSC Classic Profile – Opportunities for Increased Effectiveness:

With Tasks:     Minimize overuse of analysis.   Loosen up  . . . no need to be right all the time.

With People:    Be more receptive and open to other people’s ways . . . be more social.


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