How to Start a Business

Honestly, there are a thousand other articles on this topic from people who know a lot more then me. But if you are starting from ZERO, then I know more then you. You need to start a business for 3 reasons:

  1. Its the only way to get rich
  2. It diversifies your assets
  3. You see how the world really works

So I am just going to tell you what I have done so far, and post on my journey. Successes and Failures. This site ( is not my business; DIY Trade Desk is. And this is how I started:

  1. Idea: To come up with your business idea to answer the questions below. My answers are in blue. And although I am not a world renown day trader or anything. I feel confident I am in the top 10% in these subjects.
    1. What do you know?: Finance, Investing, Trading, 
    2. What are you good at?: Business Analysis, Data Analysis
    3. What are you better then 99% of people at?: See above
    4. What do you have experience with?: Work experience in business analysis and trading
  2. Market: You have to define your market. Who are you selling to?
    1. Rich or Masses: Independent investors and traders…the rich(or wanna be rich)
    2. Are you Niche Enough?: My specialties are in commodities, and data. I will focus on one or both of these.
  3. Sales: What are you selling? This is what matters. This is how you make money.
    1. Info Products: Selling information. You need to be an expert and build up street cred to do this.
    2. Other peoples products: Affiliate marketing. A lot of fans of this on the internet.
    3. Services: Since I don’t like info products, I consider myself more of a service. My service is preforming research and analysis in my niche.
    4. Goods: Design something and sell it. Highest barriers to entry.
  4. Get Started: Stop procrastinating, stop waiting for the best idea, just DO SOMETHING
    1. Put up the website. Domain Hosting + WordPress = Easy Site
    2. Set up social media accounts for interacting with people. @diytradedesk
    3. Put out free content. Its a tough road, but you need to earn your name.
    4. Sell yourself, then your company, then your product.
  5. Stick with it: This is the hardest part. It will take a long ass time most likely to gain any traction. But stick with the plan, keep building, pivot, change, adapt, grow. Good luck.
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