Entry 1: Consistency

One of the reason I fail is because I do not stick to anything. I have so many ideas, and no follow through. I plan, and don’t execute. I think the reason is I always bit off more then I can chew, get overwhelmed or bored, and move on. This time I will start slow, and make a small goal. My goal is to write a blog post every night this week. It will just be a short journal entry.

I identified the 4 pillars of my life. Financial Freedom, Valuable Skills, Social Adeptness, and Health(physically and mentally). Everyday if I just focus on strengthening these 4 pillars just a little bit, I will be moving in the direction I want.

The key is consistency. If I just improve in these four quadrants everyday. Even if I don’t do anything else. Even if it is only a .05% improvement. Imagine how far I will be in 5 years.

  • Financial Freedom:
    • Keep track of spending/income daily
    • Cut back on spending
    • Get promoted and raises at work
    • Start a business
  • Valuable Skills:
    • Take Financial Classes
    • Take Data Science Classes
  • Social Skills:
    • Become charismatic
    • Lose the anxiety
  • Health:
    • Minimalism and Organization
    • Yoga
    • Healthy Diet
    • No Alcohol
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