Entry 2: Discipline

Everyday I need to improve my physical health, mental health, financial health, technical skills, and social skills. Even if it is just by a little bit. And I must avoid zero days, where I do not do anything. This is where the discipline will come in. Discipline to be consistent.

Physical Health: Today I wanted to eat candy all day. Yesterday I caved in an ate ate least 10 laffy taffys at work. Today, zero. No candy, no cupcakes. Sugar kept coming to mind, but here I am about to go to bed. Not one piece. Instead I had a couple fruit and veg smoothies, which I am sure were packed with sugar, but at least they were healthy. Also lots of tea, which replaced the large quantities of coffee I normally drink. I also preformed 30 mins of yoga. 2 days in a row for yoga.

Mental Health: I slept on the floor last night. I did not drink any booze. Tomorrow I need to get up on time as well and clean in addition to what I did today. A few small tweaks tomorrow, but I can do it.

Financial Health: I decided not to eat out at Chipotle. Tomorrow I need to get my expense check completed, and review my finances. Every burrito counts. Financial freedom needs to remain my focus.

Technical Skills: I completed a week of my corporate finance class I am taking on Coursera. I plan on studying finance and programming. Two very highly valuable skills.

Social Skills: I didn’t move the needle here. I need to make a plan for this, since it is difficult to measure. So here is my plan. Tomorrow morning come up with three conversation pieces. It can be as easy as watching the news or listening to a podcast from WSJ. But come up with three things. One related to work, one related to business, one related to sports.

Baby steps. I am proud of today. Will see you tomorrow.


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