Entry 3: Jealousy

Today was a good day. I stuck to my diet, and did not give into any craving which were still present, but less then yesterday. I also did two sessions of yoga and completed a few lessons in my finance course. It was not a zero day, and I was better then yesterday, but still so much room for improvement. I feel like I am getting some momentum now. I was going to call this entry momentum, but something came up today which I think is more important to discuss.

Jealousy. I struggle with it a lot. It’s very hard to see others with something that you have always wanted. Especially when you worked so hard to try and attain it.

I don’t have an answer. I struggle with this as much as anyone. Maybe the best thing the do is to take it as a test. To test your zen, your ability to stay in the moment. Because in the moment, nothing matters. Whatever you are jealous of doesn’t matter in the “now”.

The second way to handle it is to use it as motivation to improve your life. If you are jealous of something, use that desire to get better. Even if you never attain that thing, you will still be in a better position then you are today.

So to summarize, if you are feeling envious:

  1. Use it as an opportunity to strengthen your Zen and Stoic mindset. This will come in handy many times in the future.
  2. Use it as an opportunity to improve yourself. Your envy will tell you which way you want to go. Now get your life organized and move in that direction. Even if you don’t obtain that thing, you will still be a better person in the end.
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