Sleeping on the Floor

A brief intro to stoic practice before going into my review of day 1…

The stoic philosophers would often deprive themselves physical comforts. The reason for this is to remind themselves that these things can be taken away at anytime. They realized that it is very important not to get attached to anything, because it can be taken from you. So by training yourself to leave without these things, you recenter your perspective.

By doing so you become more anti-fragile (read Nassim Taleb’s book). You don’t depend on something physical for your happiness or survival.

I am going to start incorporating some of these practices into my life. At time I feel ungrateful for the wonderful gifts I have, and it amplifies my depression. By taking some of these things away, I will learn to appreciate them more.


Today is day 1 of sleeping on the floor. I will let you know how it goes…

Aug 1 is over..How did it go?: I didn’t drink, didn’t watch porn, or TV (except for Jeopardy, but my roommate put it on). I also went without coffee, as I am trying to brighten my smile as well as get off a caffeine addiction. However I didn’t do any physical exercise, I need to start lifting again.

Also I saw a cute girl at the grocery store, and although I didn’t talk to here because she was in a different line, mentally I was prepared to say something if she was closer. I’m keeping my eyes open for opportunities.

Overall I didn’t break my rules. I just need to get back in the gym, work a little harder at work, approach some girls/be more talkative, and knock out some old stuff on my to do list. See you tomorrow, this melatonin is kicking in.



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