Stoicism, Conor McGregor, August Updates

The more I learn and practice stoicism, the more I believe in the positive impacts it can have on ones life. It is more then a beautiful philosophy. It’s a medicine. A medicine that anyone can use to solve a number of problems in their life including depression and anxiety. This is how I stumbled upon it.

I haven’t watched this video below yet, so I will do a ‘live’ post on my thoughts and review. After that I will give an update on my August goals.

TL/DR: I think Conor is very stoic after listening to this. He sees all events as neutral and realizes your perception is all that matters. He also seeks discomfort to become more comfortable with life’s hardships. Finally he doesn’t care what people think, and doesn’t give any time to the ‘haters’.

Now I do not know much about Mr. McGregor, but all the media I have seen recently shows him displaying his wealth. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that, but I imagine it is difficult to balance a stoic life while driving a lambo.

LESSON 1: Everything that happens in the world is neutral. Not good or bad. Your perception is what causes unhappiness. Never take anything for granted. Don’t root your happiness in possessions. Change your perception, change your happiness level.

  • Conor believed he already was a blackbelt, a pro.
  • He acted as if he already had everything he needed.
  • He appreciated everything around him. He believed his city was beautiful, and it bothered him when others talk down on it.

LESSON 2: Focus on what you can control. Don’t spend any time or energy on things you can’t control.

  • “I had a lot wrong with me. And I still showed up.”
  • “Is it ideal? It’s not. But we get on with it. Improvise, adapt, and overcome. I say this to myself daily.”
  • “There is only a certain group that I listen to, and I don’t listen to anyone else…I don’t give a shit what people think.” – personal favorite from this video
  • “I have been on the end of many defeats in my life. I will not shy away from it. I will not make excuses for it. I will assess it. I will come back.”

LESSON 3: Interpret things that are negative, as positive opportunities. Learn to become immune to negative mental spirals. Make it a habit to see negative events as positive learning experiences. There is no such thing as good or bad.

LESSON 4: Assume voluntary discomfort. Make your life artificially difficult to realign you perception

  • “You seek the uncomfortable, the more you will become comfortable”

LESSON 5: Emotions are created internally 

  • “You are against yourself. And I can beat my mind”

LESSON 6: Care less

  • “I don’t really care. The whole of America can hate me. I only need one American to like my, Mr. Benjamin Franklin.”

August 6th Update:

  1. No Alcohol: I have not drank anything this month. I haven’t felt the urge either which is really good.
  2. No PMO: Sticking with this. I haven’t felt the urge for this either. I think partly due to a medication I am on, also I think not drinking helps. However I haven’t really experienced any positive benefits yet either.
  3. No TV or Netflix: Have not followed through with this. Due to my surgery I have had to lay on the couch more then usual.
  4. Hygiene: Again due to my surgery I haven’t followed through. I couldn’t show for two days.
  5. Stay organized: Nope. Got lazy and let things go.
  6. Sleeping on the floor: This is a new goal I added. After three days I was really starting to enjoy it, however due to the surgery, I have been sleeping in a bed now.

If you fall down, get back up. Time to get things together for the week. Talk to you later…




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