About 2


This is a guide to becoming a little more charismatic. I’m not promising thousands of women, or millions of dollars. But if you are like me, and you recognize that your social skills are not the best, then a small improvement could really improve your life.

Charisma is a super power. You will make more money, have more friends, and get more girls. Charisma is like a magic spell that everyone falls for, because it feels good.

Now this is not a guide to becoming the next George Clooney. This is for those who are really struggling. Who never developed these skills when they were younger. Maybe you are an introvert, maybe an only child, or maybe just a wallflower. I’m talking to the guy who has so much potential, but its locked away in a prison of social skills. I see it all the time, because I see it in myself.

About Me:

As I write this, I am not charismatic. I would give myself a 3/10 honestly. I am a shy, quiet, introvert. And I am sick of it. When you are young you can get by being the quiet kid, but in your late 20’s you can’t. Although I have worked hard to build a good career, I can sense I am falling behind in multiple categories of my life.

I get overlooked at work because management does’t see me as a leader. I’m unnoticed by women because I don’t initiate. My network suffers because I don’t engage.

Its important to be self aware. If you truly know yourself, it is much easier to change. I never had many friends because I needed them to befriend me first. I’ve had a couple girlfriends, but I always struggled to attract girls. I also suffer from depression which is a cause and effect of of my other weaknesses. Hopefully that goes away as I increase charisma.

I share these things because these are the types of problems you must uncover in your own life.

I know that fixing this would catapult my success at work, with friends, and girls. As an introvert I always relied on my studying and smarts to succeed. My social skills have created a bottleneck on my life. Right now, I think a 10% increase in charisma would change my life.

Since social skills have been my limiting factor in life, improving them will also allow my strength to accelerate as well. People say “just focus on your strengths”. But if you don’t loosen up the chokers on your weaknesses you can not reach full potential.

I want to be that smooth charismatic suave gentlemen that women want, and men want to be. Although it is not natural for me, I think I can learn by applying a logical formula. See below.

Here is my simple 5 step strategy:

  1. Mentor: Every month pick a new charisma master to follow
  2. Lesson: Find a Youtube video explaining his tactics. Watch this video first thing every morning. Do not miss a single day!
  3. 3 x 3: Write down the 3 characteristics that are most deadly on an index card. Put it in your pocket. Look at your 3 characteristics 3 times a day.
  4. Self Awareness: Write out how you failed to use this traits in your past life, and how you are going to incorporate these into your life. Be specific.
  5. Reflection: At the end of each day, come up with 1 example where you used these traits, and 1 time you failed to.

Final Thoughts:

Change is hard. It is easy to get sucked up in the motivational videos and never take action. I have done this over and over. So I’m building this program to be easy, and effective. I hope my unique approach is the extra kick you(and I) need to become your best self.